Spacetourer tekstiilmatt, 3.rida liigutatav iste

Tootekood: 1614085780
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Tarneaeg: 3
38,00 €
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  • For Traveller and Spacetourer with original covering in TPO
  • For vehicles not equipped with seat rail finishers, it is possible to order these as a replacement part.

  • One-piece row 3 mat in needleloom carpet in black for vehicles fitted :
  • With a separate fixed row 2 bench seat.
  • With a separate fixed row 3 bench seat.

Technical characteristics:
  • Density of 550 gr/m2 with extruded TPO underside.
  • Finishing with overstitching.
  • Supplied with a Velcro fixing system.

Sales statements
  • Double anti-slide safeguard provided by an anti-slip sub-layer with fixing system.
  • The carpet mats ensure optimum protection while retaining the appearance of the original carpet due to its quality finish (soft appearance), its design in keeping with the vehicle’s specific characteristics and its custom fit shape.
  • Significantly enhances the sound and heat insulation while contributing to the aesthetics.
  • Perfect protection of the original covering, facilitates the resale of the vehicle.
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