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  • Front mat in black rubber.

Technical characteristics:
  • Tailored mat with a 10mm raised edge and exclusive design.
  • A mat in two pieces to assemble to form a one-piece mat.
  • Personalisation of the mat with the Citroën logo to show that it is from the manufacturer
  • Double-safety driver’s floor mat, with a non-slip underside and positive fastening using two clip pins as standard.
  • Can be cleaned by brushing with water.

Sales statements
  • Always present to fleet customers.
  • Rubber mats can be used intensively in severe climatic conditions.
  • The height of the raised edges and the rigidity allows a tray effect to protect the original floor covering and to empty the mat very easily.
  • Holding excellently to the floor. The driver’s mat has fastenings to ensure it cannot slide forward to interfere with the pedals.
  • Highly resistant to changes in temperature without any loss of shape.
  • Resistant to impacts, non-flammable and hard-wearing.
  • An attractive means of substantially improving soundproofing and heat insulation.
  • Suitable for intensive use and easy to maintain. Can be simply wiped with a sponge, vacuumed or cleaned with a pressure-hose.
  • Complete protection for the original carpeting due to fitting perfectly to the contours of the floor, thus enhancing the vehicle’s resale value.
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