Spacetourer veokonksu juhtmesari

Tootekood: 1615100280
Ühik: kompl
Tarneaeg: 7
221,00 €
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Vehicle compatibility
  • Compatible with private vehicles
  • Compatible with crew cab utility vehicles
  • Not compatible with utility vehicles without crew cab
  • Not compatible with platform cab vehicles
  • Not compatible with commercial vehicles intended for conversion

  • 13-channel towbar harness with blown bulbs detection, for connecting of ball tow hitches.

Technical characteristics:
  • Harness supplied with:
  • 1 x 13-channel socket and its fixings;
  • 1 blown bulbs detection control unit.

Warranty / After Sales Service
  • 2-year parts and labour warranty

Sales statements
  • This harness takes account of the features of the vehicle, thus ensuring safety, reliability and simplicity of fitting.
  • Simple connection using the interface connectors identical to those for the vehicle.
  • In addition to a deactivation function for the parking aid when the vehicle is towing, this loom has a blown flasher bulb detection unit.
  • For vehicles equipped with it, it deactivates the sensors when reversing when the trailer socket is connected.


  • For private vehicles of length 1 with motorised sliding side door, the support BSG-RQ 9810707180 must be ordered
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  • Max kandevõime : 100kg
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