Jumpy-4 kinnine veokonksu komplekt L1 ja L2

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Vehicle compatibility
  • Not compatible with L3 vehicles.
  • For platform cabs, the spacer kit must be ordered (see related reference).

  • Towbar with removable swan’s neck tow ball, for towing a trailer, boat, caravan, professional equipment, etc. in complete safety.

Technical characteristics:
  • Ball type: Detachable.
  • Maximum towing weight: See the vehicle handbook.
  • Supplied with fastenings and installation instructions.

Advice on use for a private customer
  • The tow ball must be removed in the case of a vehicle equipped with rear parking assistance.
  • The number plate must always be legible in order to conform with regulations
  • The towing weight varies depending on engine versions, therefore it is essential to consult the vehicle documentation.
  • Carefully follow the instructions in the assembly manual.
  • For safety reasons, the fitting of a "TUNESI" type blade stabiliser system on the towball is strongly discouraged.

Warranty / After Sales Service
  • Warranty: 2 years parts and labour.

Sales statements
  • Increase your loading capacity and tow a trailer, boat, professional equipment, etc. in complete safety with the simplest and latest towbar.
  • The ball can be fitted and detached quickly and easily using simple tools.
  • - Compliant with European standard 94/20 CE.
  • Dynamic tests are performed on simulators and static tests are carried out on test benches (equivalent to 10,000 km of intense use on a track).
  • Performance test.
  • Fixing quality test.
  • Resistance test.

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