C3 2017 (B618) tagumise põrkeraua difuusor

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  • The spoiler accentuates the vehicle’s posture on the road and reinforces the vehicle’s personality by giving it even more dynamism and style.
  • The spoiler to be painted in the body colour retains the vehicle’s style.
  • The dimensions of the spoiler and the selected materials perfectly match the manufacturer’s specifications and the demands of the road tests.
  • Grip on braking at high speed.
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  • Set of 2 chrome-effect protective shells for exterior mirrors.
  • This accessory designed especially for your vehicle adds that touch of elegance, or sportiness.


    • Exterior personalisation trim for your vehicle, emphasising its natural qualities: the aerodynamics, style and elegance, or the sportiness.
    • Developed by the manufacturer’s styling centre, this product harmonises perfectly with the vehicle’s design.
    • Enhancing chrome-effect.
    • Product specific to the vehicle.
    • Quick and easy to install.
    • Easy and quick to fit.
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  • Exterior personalisation, increasing the protection, style, design and elegance of your vehicle.
  • Does not require removal of the bumper.
  • Part already painted textured hot grey.
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